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     2= Pakistan Data Entry =
     3There is a large ammount of information available from different sources. One of the goals of Sahana is to provide a single portal where data can be compiled and acessed in different formats to assist in the response effort:
     4 * Web Pages
     5 * Maps
     6 * Excel
     7You can help by going through different sources and entering what information you can into Sahana.
     10 * Add Lat/Lon to some of the Districts (just those in Wikipedia have so far been added)
     11 * Add Local Names/URLs to the Provinces/Districts (Wikipedia have these)
     13Data can be found here:
     14 *
     15  * School Reports:
     16   * School Reports within each District (the PDFs have been uploaded but the per-school data should be entered into the school reports tab)
     17  * Flood Reports:
     18   * continue adding Locations with readings
     19   * More reports:
     20  * WFP Assessments:
     21   * Add all data which isn't already there
     22    * Add Lat/Lon for Union Councils & Villages if possible
     23     *
     24     *
     25 * !OneResponse
     26  *
     27  *
     28 *
     29 *
     30 *
     32Tweak the Tweet is also being [ collected in a spreadsheet] now.
     34(Ushahidi data is being imported automatically)
     36If you have another source which think that data can be added to please edit the wiki yourself or contact (I can also give you priviledges to edit the wiki)
     38These can be uploaded as files, but we really want volunteers using a Mechanical Turk process to input the data into the structured fields.
     40We're hoping that the XLS can be imported using our new Spreadsheet Importer, so the focus should initially be on the PDFs.