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    99== How To ==
     10=== Register ===
    1011 1. Register on [ Sahana]. This will give you permission to add data. To apply for rights to edit data, please send an email to
     12[UserGuidelinesRegistration User Guide]
     14=== Reference Documents ===
    1115 1. Find a data source relevant to the Flooding in Pakistan. Some examples are listed [wiki:PakistanDataEntry#DataSources below]. Try and find information which will be useful to the people who have been affected by the flooding, or those who are trying to assist them.
    1216 1. Check the existing list of Documents to ensure that the document hasn't been entered
    13  1. Add this data source to the Document or Photo Library
     17 1. Add this data source to the Document Library
     18 1. Open this document and review the information it contains.
     19 1. Add any relevant data to the Assessment, Incident Report, Inventory, Shelter, Flood Report and/or Request Tab. You may need to add multiple records under each of these tabs.
    15 Locations:
    16  * Add Lat/Lon to some of the Districts (just those in Wikipedia have so far been added)
    17  * Add Local Names/URLs to the Provinces/Districts (Wikipedia have these)
     22Becuase every disaster is different, there may be data which we are not capturing which is reoccuring in the reference document. Please contact to suggest new fields or data types which could be added to Sahana.
     24=== Photos ===
     25 1. Add to
     27=== Locations ===
     28You will have to add locations for a lot data, so that this data can be displayed on the map. Check the list of before adding new locations to avoid duplicates. Leave blank for data which applies to the entire country or disaster.
     30In order to view data on the map, we need Latitude and Longitude information for the Location.
     31 1. Find Locations on the list without Lat/Long data (Especially Provinces and Districts)
     32 1. Find the Lat/Lon for these using Wikipedia, or Google Maps
     33 1. Add the Wikipedia page to the location for reference.
     35=== Also ===
     36  * School Reports:
    1938= Data Sources =
    2039If you have another source which think that data can be added to please edit the wiki yourself or contact
    21  *|+%22situation+report%22)
    22  *
    23   * School Reports:
    24    * School Reports within each District (the PDFs have been uploaded but the per-school data should be entered into the school reports tab)
    25   * Flood Reports:
    26    * continue adding Locations with readings
    27    * More reports:
    28   * WFP Assessments:
    29    * Add all data which isn't already there
    30     * Add Lat/Lon for Union Councils & Villages if possible
    31      *
    32      *
     41If a source has already been entered, strike it out (Note, some sources will have to be continuously re-checked for new data)
    3342 * !OneResponse
    3443  *
    3746 *
    3847 *
     48 *|+%22situation+report%22)
     49 *
     50  * Flood Reports:
     51   * More reports:
     52   *
    40 Tweak the Tweet is also being [ collected in a spreadsheet] now.
     54 * Tweak the Tweet is also being [ collected in a spreadsheet] now.
    42 (Ushahidi data is being imported automatically)
    46 These can be uploaded as files, but we really want volunteers using a Mechanical Turk process to input the data into the structured fields.
    48 We're hoping that the XLS can be imported using our new Spreadsheet Importer, so the focus should initially be on the PDFs.
     56 (Ushahidi data is being imported automatically)
    5058== Notes ==