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    7979 * [wiki:BluePrintGISLocationsHierarchy Location Selector]:
    8080  * [wiki:BluePrintGISSelectLocationFromMap Add Location by placing cursor on Map]: #487 (done basics)
    81    * Read/Update screens should have a Marker visible to start with
    82     * Create Map should also read whether a Lat/Lon has been entered into the Map & use that to show a Marker
     81   * Handle the case where we link to a general Lx Location record & which we now refine to add a Street Address or Lat/Lon
     82   * Update screen Marker should be in the same layer & replaced by the create feature tool
     83    * use Drag tool not Draw tool?
     84   * Create Map should also read whether a Lat/Lon has been entered into the Fields & use that to show the initial Marker (=> Dynamic Map!)
    8385   * Want to zoom to the relevant area of the map based on the selected locations hierarchy (needs polygon data)
    84    * Update map should use Drag tool not Draw tool?
    8586   * When selecting Lat Lon from the map, change the mouse cursor to cross hairs
    8687  * Hierarchical Autocomplete for Locations: #502
    8788   * Submit Button
    88     * UUID field not being added on update forms
    89     * Style the confirmation status message Green
    90      * relocate to replace Submit button
    9189    * Capture the UUID of created record by another AJAX call
     90     * relocate to where the Submit button is
    9291   * Update form
    9392    * Hierarchy needs populating from old record
    94     * Need visible Marker on Map
    9593   * Add Geocoder support
    9694   * Don't display Lat/Lon for Admin levels (Lx)?