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08/26/10 19:21:27 (13 years ago)
Fran Boon



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    v120 v121  
    9191   * Include a Search box underneath the hierarchy which is an Autocomplete filtered to the appropriate level that we've already selected
    9292    * Format of results should include the hierarchy of missing steps to help resolve duplicate names
     93   * Add a visible field for location name beside address (defaults to being populated by the name of the resource, but can be overridden)
    9394   * The extra 'Save Location' button shouldn't be required (Auto-Save when main form is submitted. Does this make code simpler as only need to update location_id at the end?)
    9495   * Handle the case where we link to a general Lx Location record & which we now refine to add a Street Address or Lat/Lon
    9798   * Check whether fields are readable/writable (e.g. addr_street may need to be hidden from some modules)
    9899   * Add Geocoder support
     100   * Use subheadings CSS instead of ASCII ----
    99101   * Download hierarchy levels to a Store in the background to improve performance?
    100102   * Don't display Lat/Lon for Admin levels (Lx)?
    101    * shn_read - replace existing system in read/list?
     103   * shn_read/shn_list - replace existing system in read/list? (consistency & ease of maintenance)
    102104   * if shn_has_role(MapAdmin): Provide an 'Add Location' option next to each level of hierarchy (simplified Ext popup not colorbox?)
    103105   * L1-L4 Feature Classes shouldn't be selectable by non-!MapAdmins (& should be auto-selected by !MapAdmins)
    104106    * Remove Feature Classes completely from Locations (replace with Feature Layers (i.e. Queries))
    105   * Location name vs address
    106    * Add a column for location name beside address
    108108 * [wiki:BluePrintGISLocationsSearch Location Search]