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Alternate approach to Printing Maps


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    161161==== Printing ====
    162  * [wiki:InstallationGuidelinesGISData#Printing]
    163   *
    164   * NB This will only be able to see Feature Layers exposed as web services (KML/GeoRSS)
    166162''Would like to see A4 District-level maps with names and boundaries of Tehsils that we can insert text and tables onto top of.''
    172168 * is the 'tables' popups?
    173169Can we have a popup moved to a different part of the screen to control printed layout?
     171So far we have investigated this approach:
     172 * [wiki:InstallationGuidelinesGISData#Printing Print to PDF via Java Applet]
     173 * [ print to Image file by converting PDF to Image]
     174However this will only be able to see Feature Layers exposed as web services (KML/GeoRSS) & it is hard to get detailed control of the output.
     176We've also considered trying to integrate a screen capture tool into the browser, e.g. using Flash or Java, but haven't found anything suitable yet.
     178Perhaps we're better off looking at using a print.css to allow the browser's print functionality to work:
     179 * [wiki:BluePrintCSS#PrintView]
     180 * IE needs to be put into Landscape mode for this (can we hint?)
     181 * We want the Legend inside the Ext window - ideally able to hover & be moved to a place where it doesn't obstruct anything key
     182* The Geonames text for when Internet connectivity isn't available needs to be hidden
     184We could also really use a 'Zoom to Area' feature which allows selecting a location (i.e. Tehsil in this case) & zooming to that Bounds.
    174185=== Shelter Registry ===
    175186 * On the map, where it shows the shelter, it should show the comments as well, so that one could easily find the requisite facilities. These facilities should be searchable though.