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    2222=== Map ===
    2323 * Fix Clustering: #498 (done)
    24   * Cluster Popups with multiple records should show 'name (type)' not just 'name'
     24  * ~~Cluster Popups with multiple records should show 'name - type' not just 'name'~~
    2525 * [wiki:BluePrintGISSelectLocationFromMap Add Location by placing cursor on Map]: #487 (done)
    2626  * Want to zoom to the relevant area of the map based on the selected locations hierarchy (needs polygon data)
    5050  * Could also have a custom map query which displays a Water layer for all Shelters which provide Water Services
    5151 * Setup !GeoServer & import !GeoData into that for more advanced GIS: #497
    52  * When you get the popup for the multiple location, instead of just showing a list of the locations, it would be useful to show <locaton name> - <Resourse type>, eg:
    53   * Gligit - Incident
    54   * Gligit - Incident
    55   * Gligit - Shelter
    56    * or
    57   * Peshawar - Request
    58   * Peshawar - Assessment
    5952 * It would be good if the map pop-ups showed the resource type as a header at the top - currently it isn't entirely clear what the popup is showing.
    60  * When selecting Lat Long from the map, change the mouse cursor to cross hairs
     53 * When selecting Lat Lon from the map, change the mouse cursor to cross hairs
    6154=== Shelter Registry ===
    6255 * On the map, where it shows the shelter, it should show the comments as well, so that one could easily find the requisite facilities. These facilities should be searchable though.