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    175175Rotary Club are training 750-1000 volunteers to collect data.
     177==== Structure ====
     179<azhar> district 3271 is South, i.e. Sindh and Balochistan
     180<azhar> Of which I am a part, and the 3273, which is Punjab and Pakhtoonkha
     182 * There is district management, all volunteers, around 20-25 to look after our district
     183 * 200 clubs
     184  * each with 20+ members working in their specific geographic location
     186==== Requirements ====
     187First reponsibility for all of them to arrange donations, buy food stuff, medicines etc and report to the district officials and then ship them to locations - preferably to one of the club in that area if not then to Red Crescent and the NCHD and then some other NGOS.
     189 * Assessments
     190 * Inventory management: Distributions
     191  * buying water purification units and solar lights for the shelters
     192 * A little workflow... like if one files requests, they retired too, upon fulfilment
     193 * SMS
     194  * flood reports and requests for supplies
     195  * shelter registration
    177197 1. We should be able to register volunteers, and assign them to geographic regions.  This would help us query and know the number of people working in each geographic area. 
    178198 2. Volunteers belonging to a group (like geographic area) could then be sent messages via SMS service.  So an interface to let us do that that would be great.