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Portable application generator is used to create offline windows standalone instance with or without data exported from a live Sahana Eden instance. This page serves as a guide for its usage.

Create web2py standalone exe

The portable application generator requires a web2py exe built with the libraries required by Sahana Eden.

  1. Install the Eden developer environment with python 2.7
  2. Install cxfreeze from
  3. Copy static/scripts/tools/ to your web2py directory.
  4. Run the following to generate a standalone web2py executable in the build directory of the web2py directory.
    python build_exe
  5. Rename the build inside the build directory as web2py and compress it to create (Note: The zip file needs to uncompress to produce a directory named web2py)

Using Portable application generator

  1. Upload the created above to your Sahana Eden instance.
  2. Select the required options to generate the portable application.
  3. After initial generation of the portable application - a provision is provided to download the last built portable application.
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