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    44This page contains ideas for projects which contributors with diverse skills and expertise can work on. Projects are into:
    5  * [wiki:ProjectInformation#Non-TechnicalProjects Non-Technical Projects]
     5 * [wiki:ProjectInformation#Non-CodingProjects Non-Coding Projects]
    66 * [wiki:ProjectInformation#InfrastructureProjects Infrastructure Projects]
    77 * [wiki:ProjectInformation#BasicCodingProjects  Basic Coding Projects]
    1919''Each Codeathon table has an etherpad page for collaboration -- '''[ProjectAssignments find your table's page here]''' ''.
    21 == Non-Technical Projects ==
    22 ''Projects that do not involve programming.''
     21== Non-Coding Projects ==
     22''Projects that do not involve Coding but may involve design, using the software, writing documentation, etc.''
    2424=== Project: Testing ===
    7171  * If you can't figure out what the ticket means, add a reply that tells the ticket reporter what info would be helpful.
    73 == Project: Collate Organisation List ==
     73=== Project: Collate Organisation List ===
    7575Collate a list of organisations involved in Disaster Management which can be pre-populated into the database.
    8484Eliminating duplicates and Create a spreadsheet, with a columns for each source, to indicate which source(s) the organisation came from.
    86 == Project: Stock Taking of Humanitarian Catalogs ==
    87 ''GCI''[[BR]]
    88 Prepare a Stock Taking Report to assess what Humanitarian Catalogs are available which could be pre-populated into Sahana
    90 Some Sources to Start with (you will need to search to find additional catalogs):
     86=== Project: Stock Taking of Humanitarian Catalogues ===
     88Prepare a Stock Taking Report to assess what Humanitarian Catalogues are available which could be pre-populated into Sahana
     90Some Sources to Start with (you will need to search to find additional catalogues ):
    9191 *
    9292 *
    105105Document this report at BaselineSupplyCatalog
     107=== Scenario Cards ===
     109Running simulations of disaster scenarios is crucial to:
     110 a. Test that Sahana works correctly
     111 a. Train people to use Sahana
     112 a. Familiarise programmers with the Disaster management domain.
     113 a. Interest people in the project
     115We have a number of different resources on simulations currently available:
     116 * SahanaCamp 1.0
     117  * [/attachment/wiki/ProjectInformation/SahanaCamp%20Simulation.doc]
     118 * SahanaCamp 1.2
     119  * [/attachment/wiki/SahanaCamp1.2/General%20Sessions%20Hand%20Outs.pdf General Session Hand Outs]
     120  * [/attachment/wiki/SahanaCamp1.2/Simulation%20-%20Instructions.pdf Instructions]
     121  * [/attachment/wiki/SahanaCamp1.2/Simulation%20-%20Incidents.pdf Incidents]
     122  * [/attachment/wiki/SahanaCamp1.2/Simulation%20-%20Assessments.pdf Assessments]
     123 * ADPC DMC40 - Decision Making Exercise
     124  *
     125  * Contains Sample Assessment Information relating to Flooding in Vietnam.
     126  * Using the Gap Report and Gap Map, identify what additional Activities need to be planned by which Organisations to fill the gaps identified by the Assessments.
     128You can also search the internet (please add additional resources to this page)
     130We need to develop a series (deck) of cards which depict Disaster Scenarios which can be put together (maybe in order, maybe randomly) to create a simulation. It would be wise to share your initial ideas with the mailing list, as there are a number of people with a wealth of domain knowledge who will be able to guide you.
     132Post any images and files (in an open data format) at TrainingSimulationsScenarioCards
     134=== Icons ===
     136Sahana Eden could be made more visually appealing by having icons
     137Map Markers:
     138 * Projects (See BluePrintProjectManagement)
     139 * Activites
     140 * Tasks
     141 * Offices
     142 * Warehouses
     144=== Sahana Eden Themes ===
    107147== Infrastructure Projects ==
    108148''Projects that may involved varying degrees of technical skills, but not programming.''
     150=== Trac Theme ===
     152Design a new theme for the Sahana Eden Trac wiki. See:
     153 *
     154 *
     155Provide screen shots of this design and all of the files required to install this theme on the Sahana Eden server.
    110157=== Project: Improve Installation Documentation ===
    111 ''GCI''[[BR]]
    112158We have been concentrating on Windows & Debian/Ubuntu, but better documentation could be provide for other distributions:
    113159 * ???
    122168=== Feature Enhancements ===
    123 ''GCI''
    124169 * Fix UI issues, add features, provide user-requested enhancements.
    125170  * You can pick from these [/report/21 feature requests].
    126   * Or talk to the folks at the Codeathon who are [#Usability cataloging issues].
    128172 * The landing page for each module is different -- some have descriptive text, others have statistics (a "dashboard"). Each has a different layout of menus.
    143187=== Geocoding ===
    144 ''GCI''
    145188 A favorite missing feature is geocoding addresses. There is already a geocoding service supported in Eden, but it's not used when a user adds a location. Your job:
    146189 * Find the geocoding function.