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    5757=== Project: Documentation ===
    59 It would be recommended to do some Testing before writing documentation so that you have a better understanding of what the applications can be used for. There is a [wiki:UserGuidelinesTemple User Guideline Template] available. Also add a link to the page from the UserGuidelines page. In particular we need documentation for:
    60  * Organisation
     59We need instructions for how to use some of our applications (listed below).  We have some instructions on the [wiki:UserGuidelines] page -- this can be a starting point.  For applications that have no instructions, the [wiki:UserGuidelinesTemple User Guideline Template] tells what the form of the instructions should be.
     60 * Pick one of the applications.  (For GCI, pick the task for the application you want.)
     61 * Look at the short description of the application below to see what the application is for.  Look at any instructions that are already available for the application, linked from the [wiki:UserGuidelines] page.
     62 * Pretend you're a user.  Try out the application -- try entering data and looking it up.  (Look at the [wiki:ProjectInformation#Project:Testing] section for more on thinking like a user.)
     63 * Things to look at:
     64  * Do the current instructions match the way the application is now?
     65  * Are there application features that have no instructions?
     66  * Are the instructions confusing?
     67  * Do the instructions fit the [wiki:UserGuidelinesTemple User Guideline Template]?
     69In particular we need documentation for:
     70 * Organisation Registry
    6171 * Assessment
    6272 * Request Management
    6575 * Inventory/Warehouse Management
    6676 * Incident Reporting
    67 In some cases there may be existing Guidelines which need to be revised.
    6978=== Project: Ticket Verification ===