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    104104 * When you've found a bug to look at, add a comment saying you've verifying it for GCI.
    105105 * Try to reproduce the problem reported in the ticket:
     106  * If the bug is still there, and the description of how to make it happen is clear, just add a comment saying you verified that it's still there.
    106107  * If the description of how to make the bug happen is clear, and the bug is gone, add a reply to the ticket with what you did to test it, and "resolve" the ticket as "invalid". (The person who reported the bug can still reply and reopen the bug if they want.)
    107108  * If the instructions to cause the bug to happen aren't clear, try to figure out what the reporter meant -- try to find the bug yourself. If you can reproduce the bug, add better "how to reproduce" instructions.  See the [wiki:BugReportingGuidelines Bug Reporting Guidelines] for what makes a good bug report.