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    101101Some of our bug reports (tickets) have been left open even though they've been fixed. Others don't have much information. We'd like you to go through some tickets to see if they're done or if they need more information.
    102102 * Register for an account on our [ demo site].  Or you can install your own copy of the software, if you want to test the very latest version. Look at the [wiki:ProjectInformation#Project:Testing bug testing] project description for information on installing.)
    103  * Find a bug to work on.
    104   * Go through the list of [/report/1 open bugs].
    105   * Look at reports that have type "defect".
    106   * Start with old bugs -- they're more likely to be fixed or no longer relevant. Old bugs are ones with low numbers -- click on the ticket column heading to get the earliest bugs first.
    107   * There may be other GCI students working on this, so look for a comment that the bug is being worked on for GCI -- skip those.
    108  * When you've found a bug to look at, add a comment saying you've verifying it for GCI.
     103 * Find a bug to work on from this list of [/report/32 older open bugs].  (Older bugs are more likely to have been fixed or no longer relevant, so that's why we want to look at those.)
     104 * When you've found a bug to look at, add "gci" to the "keywords" (near the bottom of the ticket form), and submit that change. That will let other GCI students know this is *your* bug!
    109105 * Try to reproduce the problem reported in the ticket:
    110106  * If the bug is still there, and the description of how to make it happen is clear, just add a comment saying you verified that it's still there.