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    366366 * BluePrintWebSetup
     368=== Migrate Features from DRR Project Portal ==
     369The DRR Project Portal ( was developed with an earlier version of Sahana Eden. However, due to time constraints and a rapidly changing trunk code base,the DRR Project Portal (DRR PP) Code ( diverged. There are a number of features in the DRR PP code which would be great to have ported back into trunk (and could make use of some off the newly developed features to be implemented more efficiently):
     370 * Subscription to searches, which enable people to get email notifications when new projects are added.
     371 * Matrix Report ( which allows information to be analysed.
     372 * Graph views of resources. (
     373 * Improved User Interface design. Although the design is specific to the DRR PP, some of the elements could be utilised.
     374 * Improved handling of registration.
     375 * Ability to submit information to the portal, but not share it until it has been approved.
     376It would also be advantageous to have the DRR PP running on the latest version of Sahana Eden to take advantage of new features and optimisations in Trunk.
    368378=== GIS/Mapping ===
    369379These are a number of GIS/Mapping Tasks to be done: