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Codeathon Projects

(I'm not convinced that the distinction for tasks should be between Python coders and non-Python coders. Perhaps between people familiar with web services and not? --Pat)

Fran thinks that the distinction is between Advanced Programmers & Basic ones - everyone can learn

Improving and polishing useful modules is more valuable than developing small standalone modules. Emphasize that these will be of actual use.

Types of projects for non-coders

  • Use testing
  • Reporting bugs
  • Bug fixing
  • Entering data on live Pakistan site
  • Researching info for Pakistan site

Types of projects for non-Python (or non-web services) coders

  • Bug fixing
  • Polishing existing modules (very useful!)
    • Fixing UI issues
    • Adding features
    • Documenting workflow, writing help info, tooltips
  • Small-scale projects
  • Projects that don't require lots of reading of S3 docs ;-)

Types of projects for Python (or web services) coders

  • Entire module, but something that will actually be used
  • Something needed for Pakistan (depends on what's left to do)

Project descriptions

  • Bug fixing, polishing, adding features
    • Fran suggests (paraphrased slightly): The participants...
      • Pick a module (provide list of suggested modules that need work).
      • Run through the user processes, doing data entry, usability testing, user documentation improvements & ticket logging along the way.
      • Start looking at how they can fix some of the simpler items that they've identified.
  • Extend Sahana to support Maitri - a nonprofit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area, that primarily helps women & families from South Asia facing domestic violence, emotional abuse, cultural alienation, human trafficking or family conflict.
    • Fran: This could be very useful, especially with user stories.
    • A map could easily be added, if we have a use case
  • Job Jar
    • UI for assigning data entry or similar tasks to users
    • Track who does what, mark completed
    • Admin UI for defining tasks
    • Cross-check / verify task, or compare result of 2 users on same task

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