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Codeathon Projects

Since we expect GHC2010 Codeathon participants to reflect diverse skills and expertise, we have identified a range of projects. We will try to label these projects as more suitable for non-coders or non-Python-coders or coders unfamiliar with Web services where possible.

Contributions from non coders such as testing and documentation are very useful. Fixing bugs or adding features to existing modules may be more valuable than developing a new standalone module.

Codeathon projects that do not involve programming - YES THEY ARE VERY USEFUL!!

  • Documentation
    • Writing help information
    • Providing tooltips
    • Avni / Jen - Please add an appropriate link.

Sahana deployments - WE ARE LIVE!!!

  • Are we going to bring down this site if we have 200+ people hitting it? How can we make this a WIN WIN?
  • Entering data on live Pakistan site - Fran what can be done?
  • Researching info for Pakistan site.

Simple(r) projects for non-Python (or non-web services) coders

  • Bug fixing
  • Polishing existing modules (very useful!)
    • Fixing UI issues
    • Adding features
  • Small projects that don't require lots of reading of S3 docs ;-)

  • Details on how to fix bug # 717
    • Fran / Pat - Please add some details pointing to the relevant files that need to be touched and also the corresponding database tables.
    • Fran / Pat - please add a note about reviewing database tables.

More complex projects for Python (or Web Services) coders

  • Major modifications to the Eden database.
  • Create and develop an entire module, hopefully one that is requested for Pakistan.
  • Create an entirely new application!

Project descriptions

Note that some of these projects are well specified while some of them may only be a germ of an idea.

  • Bug fixing, polishing, adding features
    • Fran suggests (paraphrased slightly): The participants...
      • Pick a module (provide list of suggested modules that need work).
      • Run through the user processes, doing data entry, usability testing, user documentation improvements & ticket logging along the way.
      • Start looking at how they can fix some of the simpler items that they've identified.
  • Extend Sahana to support Maitri - a nonprofit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area, that primarily helps women & families from South Asia facing domestic violence, emotional abuse, cultural alienation, human trafficking or family conflict.
    • Fran: This could be very useful, especially with user stories.
    • A map could easily be added, if we have a use case
  • Job Jar
    • UI for assigning data entry or similar tasks to users
    • Track who does what, mark completed
    • Admin UI for defining tasks
    • Cross-check / verify task, or compare result of 2 users on same task

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