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Codeathon Projects

Since we expect GHC2010 Codeathon participants to reflect diverse skills and expertise, we have identified a range of projects. We will try to label these projects as more suitable for non-coders or non-Python-coders or coders unfamiliar with Web services where possible.

Codeathon projects that do not involve programming - YES THEY ARE VERY USEFUL!!

  • More on documentation...
    • Pick a module - Fran/Pat - please suggest some.
    • Step through the functional processes, with a focus on data entry and usability testing.
    • Provide documentation for Sahana developers or log a ticket.
    • Develop a HOW TO guide for other Sahana users.
    • Provide tooltips for ??? Avni / Jen - Please add an appropriate link.

Sahana deployments - WE ARE LIVE!!!

  • Are we going to bring down this site if we have 200+ people hitting it? How can we make this a WIN WIN?
  • Entering data on live Pakistan site - Fran what can be done?
  • Researching info for Pakistan site.

Simple(r) projects for non-Python (or non-web services) coders

  • Bug fixing
  • Polishing existing modules (very useful!)
    • Fixing UI issues
    • Adding features
  • Small projects that don't require lots of reading of S3 docs ;-)

  • Details on how to fix bug # 717
    • Fran / Pat - Please add some details pointing to the relevant files that need to be touched and also the corresponding database tables.
    • Fran / Pat - please add a note about reviewing database tables.

More complex projects for Python (or Web Services) coders

  • Major modifications to the Eden database.
  • Create and develop an entire module, hopefully one that is requested for Pakistan.
  • Create an entirely new application!

Project descriptions

Note that some of these projects are well specified while some of them may only be a germ of an idea.

  • Extend Sahana to support Maitri - a nonprofit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area, that primarily helps women & families from South Asia facing domestic violence, emotional abuse, cultural alienation, human trafficking or family conflict.
    • Fran: This could be very useful, especially with user stories.
    • A map could easily be added, if we have a use case
  • Job Jar
    • UI for assigning data entry or similar tasks to users
    • Track who does what, mark completed
    • Admin UI for defining tasks
    • Cross-check / verify task, or compare result of 2 users on same task

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