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Codeathon Projects

Since we expect GHC2010 Codeathon participants to reflect diverse skills and expertise, we have identified a range of projects. We will try to label these projects as more suitable for non-coders or non-Python-coders or coders unfamiliar with Web services where possible.

Projects that do not involve programming

  • Provide feedback on an existing Eden module.
    • Role-play being a user:
      • Try it out.
      • What do you expect it to do?
      • What features would you want?
      • What do you think the workflow should be?
    • Improve it:
      • Try to break it. Report bugs.
      • Document the existing workflow.
      • Develop a how-to guide for users.
      • Write tooltips (help info) for fields on forms.
      • Request features.
      • Suggest improvements.
    • How to report bugs, make suggestions, etc.:
    • Modules that could use some usability improvement:
      • All of them. Well, ok, try these:
      • Mapping
      • Shelter registry
      • Hospital registry
      • Person registry
    • New or unfinished modules that would benefit from feature and workflow suggestions:
      • Logistics
      • Volunteer management
      • Messaging
      • Rapid assessment tool

  • Entering data on live Pakistan site - Fran what can be done?
  • Researching info for Pakistan site.

Projects for coders just starting with Python web services

These may be the most practical and useful projects.

  • Bug fixing
  • Polishing existing modules (very useful!)
    • Fixing UI issues
    • Adding features

More complex projects for Python (or Web Services) coders

  • Job Jar
    • UI for assigning data entry or similar tasks to users
    • Track who does what, mark completed
    • Admin UI for defining tasks
    • Cross-check / verify task, or compare result of 2 users on same task

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