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Matrix Report Project

Create a generic method in the [S3XRC/RESTfulAPI/s3_rest_controller REST Controller] which could produce a "Matrix" or "Cross-Tab" style report.


List View:

Organisation Activity Location
Red Cross Water Supply Townville
Red Cross Food Distribution Townville
Red Cross Shelter Townville
Helping Hands Food Distribution Newtown
Helping Hands Food Distribution High Valley
Safer World Water Supply Townville
Safer World Food Distribution Newtown

Matrix View:

High Valley Newtown Townville
Food Distribution Helping Hands, Helping Hands Red Cross
Shelter Red Cross
Water Supply Safer World Red Cross, Safer World

Current Implementation

Live on:[[BR]]

Code in: see: line 2668 - def shn_drrpp_matrix(xrequest, attr):


  • Customisable for different resources.
    • Choose which fields can be the rows / columns.
    • Chose which field will fill the cells.
    • Ability to use months (from a date field).
    • Ability to use different location hierarchies.
  • Possibility to show either a count or a list (perhaps using JS to switch between them?)
  • Export to PDF, XLS & XML

Potential Methods to Implement

Some methods which could be worth exploring:

Also see: Projects/Advanced/MigrateDRRProjectPortal

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