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Usability Project

It is important that Sahana Eden is user friendly to ensure that it can be adopted quickly and easily used in humanitarian contexts. Ideally, usability enhancements should be integrated into the core framework, rather added as customisations to the applications. There are a wide variety of separate tasks which can improve usability, some of which are lists as separate projects. However it is also important to examine usability from a holistic approach to ensure that there is a consistent user experience throughout Sahana Eden.

  • Instead of using Popups to adding new records in a form, have the additional fields be added inline in the main form. These could be loaded asynchronously in JS and hidden until needed.
  • Show help comments to the side when a field is selected.
  • Show a throbber in autocompletes and give the option to add new data if no matching record is found.
  • Improve styling to ensure that elements are aligned and utilise the screen real estate. Where the is spare space on the screen, elements should be centred (rather than far to the left)
  • Develop better home pagre and dash boards.
  • Improve the design of the Menu See: BluePrintApplicationMenus
  • Projects/Design/SahanaEdenTheme
  • Projects/Design/Icons
  • Usability Tickets

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