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     2= Advanced Coding Projects =
     3''Projects for more experienced coders.''
     5Some things to keep in mind when planning new modules or major features:
     6 * Consider what other FOSS tools exist, that could be installed alongside Eden.
     7 * Look at tools and libraries already in use in Eden, e.g. jQuery and ExtJS for UI work.
     9Fuller list of Projects being scoped:  BluePrints
     11== [wiki:Projects/Advanced/MediaFeed Meed Feed] ==
     13== Web Setup ==
     14 * BluePrintWebSetup
     16== Migrate Features from DRR Project Portal ==
     18The DRR Project Portal ( was developed with an earlier version of Sahana Eden. However, due to time constraints and a rapidly changing trunk code base,the DRR Project Portal (DRR PP) Code ( diverged. There are a number of features in the DRR PP code which would be great to have ported back into trunk (and could make use of some off the newly developed features to be implemented more efficiently):
     19 * Subscription to searches, which enable people to get email notifications when new projects are added.
     20 * Matrix Report ( which allows information to be analysed.
     21 * Graph views of resources. (
     22 * Improved User Interface design. Although the design is specific to the DRR PP, some of the elements could be utilised.
     23 * Improved handling of registration.
     24 * Ability to submit information to the portal, but not share it until it has been approved.
     25 * Truncate cells in data tables (but have ability to expand)
     26 * Check for invalid characters in excel export
     27It would also be advantageous to have the DRR PP running on the latest version of Sahana Eden to take advantage of new features and optimisations in Trunk.
     29== GIS/Mapping ==
     30These are a number of GIS/Mapping Tasks to be done:
     31 * [wiki:BluePrintGISGeoExplorer GeoExplorer]
     32 * Photo Bulk Uploader
     33  * Add EXIF support to geolocate images
     34  * Provide opportunity to add Metadata for all files
     35  * Add support for GPX Track timestamp correlation
     37=== Wikipedia Locations ===
     38Allow Sahana to import Wikipedia locations easily: both Hierarchy & Lat/Lon info
     39 * Probably more about work in Wikipedia/Geohack to get these stored in a strctured way & an API to extract the data.
     40 * Similar need to:
     42== Fix Web2Py Cron on Win32 Service ==
     43Web2Py has a nice Cron utility, but this doesn't work currently on Win32 in Service mode: #438
     45== Framework ==
     46 * Provide localisation of jquery.ui.datepicker
     47  * Means that user profile will need extending to support locales
     48 * Replace jquery.autocomplete.js with jquery.ui.autocomplete.js (1.8.2)
     49 * Replace jquery.cluetip.js with jquery.ui.tooltip.js (1.9 once released)
     50 * [wiki:BluePrintAuthorization#Functionrestriction Decorator to restrict access to a function based on multiple roles]
     51 * [wiki:BluePrintMany2Many Improve UI for Many<>Many]
     52  * e.g. Admin Users/Groups
     53  * e.g. GIS Layer Catalogue (esp !FeatureClasses/!FeatureGroups)
     54  * e.g. Messaging Users/Groups
     56== Test Automation ==
     57 * Write [DeveloperGuidelinesTesting#FunctionalTests Functional Tests] using Selenium
     58 * Figure out how to do unit tests against a web application.
     59  * Write unit and functional tests.
     61== Tweet / SMS Parsing ==
     62Allow users to provide info via tweets or SMS messages
     63 * Parse formatted SMS messages or tweets (e.g. key value pairs).
     64 * Detect when message interpretation isn't certain and dispatch to a human reader (use existing "task" database, or Job Jar, below!).
     65 * Create database records from parsed messages.
     66 * BluePrintMessagingModule#Twitter
     67  * [wiki:NCSU#Projectsbeingworkedon NCSU Students] working on this
     68 * BluePrintMessagingModule#Micro-Syntax
     70== Job Jar ==
     71Manage tasks performed on the site, e.g. data entry
     72 * Assign tasks to users or let users select tasks.
     73 * Track who does what, mark completed.
     74 * Provide administrator UI for defining tasks.
     75 * Cross-check / verify task, or compare result of two users on same task.
     76 * Administer tests and training for new workers.
     78== Mobile Photo/Video Upload ==
     80 * Design a widget (to be included in an Eden form) that can be used to select images or video, with any needed detection of the type of phone.
     82== Run Eden on a smart phone == #Mobile
     83 * See BluePrintMobileClient.
     84 * Alternate Layout for web view: [wiki:BluePrintCSS#MobileView]
     85  * [wiki:NCSU#Projectsbeingworkedon NCSU Students] working on this
     86 * Android Application: MobileAndroid
     87  * [wiki:NCSU#Projectsbeingworkedon NCSU Students] working on this
     89== Installation Web Interface ==
     90For customizing new Eden sites. See notes toward web-based setup and customization: BluePrintWebSetup.
     92== Chat in Sahana ==
     93With other logged in users
     94 * Provide a chat board through which users can help each other or get help from the system administrator.
     95 * Perhaps have one chat for each organization or project.
     96 * Is there existing IRC or other chat software that could be incorporated?
     98== Survey Application ==
     99The survey module was started during GSoC this summer. The author will be online on freenode #sahana-ghc under the nicknames '''''robbyoconnor''''' or '''''r0bby|android''''' during the Codeathon.
     100 * Change it so that it uses "components" to relate survey sections to the survey, and questions to the survey sections.
     101 * Please keep in mind that the survey tool should be able to support question data types (defined in the user guidelines)
     102 * Ideally, the look and feel of the surveys should be modeled after the Rapid Assessment Tool (rat) module. (See '''''models/''''' and '''''controllers/''''' to get an idea of what needs to happen.)
     103 * We are aiming to allow non-technical users to create surveys similar to what was done in the rat module.
     104 * Additional Resources: [UserGuidelinesSurveyTool User Guidelines]
     105 * If this project is undertaken, please update the wiki documentation to match.
     107== OCR ==
     108Optical Character Recognition
     109 * Integrate an [wiki:BluePrintOCR OCR tool] developed for GSoC into Eden.
     111== New Use Cases ==
     112Extensions to support:
     113 * Organizations such as [ Ten Thousand Villages] assist craftspeople in disadvantaged countries organize to purchase supplies and market their crafts. What would such a crafts coop need to help run their business? What's missing from Eden to support this?
     114 * [ Maitri] provides support to victims of domestic violence.
     115  * They have a [ page listing resources] but part of the page is organized topically and the rest by location. Consider how to store the resource data to allow displaying it either by topic or by location, and also make it searchable.
     116  * Look at the [ volunteer page]. Compare with the existing (incomplete) volunteer module. What additional features might Maitri need to use the Eden volunteer module?
     118== Image Library ==
     119 * Provide a .represent for the view to display image thumbnail with option to zoom large (such as Fancyzoom)
     120 * Provide a beautiful image viewer to flip between images
     121  *
     122 * Use Mapping API to display images on Map
     124== Misc. Projects ==
     125To be elaborated on later:
     126 * User Statistics