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    114114== Export Graphs ==
    115 Export Graphs as Images. Options:
    116 * using Flot:
     115Export Graphs as Images.
     117We currently use the Flot JavaScript library to produce interactive graphs - primarily via the S3Report (/report, /report2) method:
     118* [wiki:S3/S3Report S3Report]
     120We have 2 usecases for exporting graphs:
     1211. A user would like to download the report they're seeing on screen as a PDF
     1222. A user would like to download the report they're seeing on screen as an XLS
     123 - to have both the Pivot Table & associated Graph
     1243. A user would like to subscribe to a report to receive by email daily/weekly/monthly
     125 - again this report could be in PDF or XLS
     126 - Subscription will be done using this:
     127  *
     128 - Notification will be done using this:
     129  *
     131So, your task, as I see it, is to take the settings for a Report & produce the PDF &/or XLS version thereof.
     132- ideally this would work for both the interactive & subscription usecases i.e. subscription would store the Report options extending the existing Saved Filter options:
     133 *
     135We convert our internal S3XML data format to PDF or XLS using codecs:
     139I would focus on just one of these to keep scope feasible.
     140- personally I'd be more interested in XLS as this gives users a more useful tool to explore the data than just a static PDF.
     143* [ Use Flot to Export graphs]
    117144* parallel matplotlib method (extend modules/
    118145* server-side webkit browser to take a screenshot (!ClimateDataPortal used this solution)
     147See Also
     148* [wiki:BluePrint/Chart]
     149* [wiki:BluePrint/Reporting]
    120150== Optimization ==
    121151Focal Persons: Dominic König