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    278278== [wiki:BluePrint/Logistics Logistics] ==
     280== Build library(ies) to integrate Emergency Data Exchange Language Distribution Element ==
     281Proposed by: [ | Nuwan] [[BR]]
     282'''Specific  : '''[ | EDXL-DE] is the final wrapper (envelope) of all [ | EDXL] data package. We may be delivering a EDXL Resource Management (RM) information and Situational Reporting (SITREP) information to the managers of several emergency organizations. The DE will contain who, when, and where those RM and SITREP data parcels would be delivered. Every EDXL message (data package) must carry this information. Otherwise, it cannot use available distribution methods and would need to rely on its own protocol; that's not very user friendly. [[BR]]
     283'''Measurable: ''' It is purely a coding task that involves playing with XML and developing a class, possibly within or using the '''??? 3R**** ???''' framework It is basically a set of procedures for packing and unpacking EDXL-DE wrapped data. [[BR]]
     284'''Attainable: ''' run through the steps [[BR]]
     285Step 1 :: select one of the existing EDXL-based applications in Eden, I recommend the EDXL-RM [[BR]]
     286Step 2 :: discuss each of the attributes/elements; then determine how EDXL-DE would be added to EDXL-RM as a pop-up GUI. [[BR]]
     287Step 3 :: create some example XML files to get a feel for the inputs and outputs [[BR]]
     288Step 4 :: write code to add to take the inputs EDXL-RM and EDXL-DE to package the data for delivery [[BR]]
     289Step 5 :: test the code, fix bugs, and generalize the functions [[BR]]
     290Step 6 :: Apply to EDXL-HAVE and EDXL-SITREP to generalize the library [[BR]]
     291'''Relevant  : ''' Applies to Sahana Interoperability policy. Present developments to investigate are: HAVE, RM, and SITREP [[BR]]
     292'''Time-bound: ''' If steps 1 - 4 are completed that can be a full accomplishment; additional work is a bonus [[BR]]
     293'''Evaluate  : ''' Produce XML files with the EDXL-DE element appended to the EDXL-RM, SITREP, or HAVE[[BR]]
     294'''Reevaluate: ''' Use an API to add and strip the EDXL-DE to any EDXL data standard. Use the same set of XML files to run through this process
    280296== Other Ideas ==
    281297To be elaborated on later:
    288304 * Lightbox viewer for full sized image
    289305  * e.g. Make use of the one within Vulnerability module
    290 * Switch between an update and read page using JS
    291 * UI
    292  * Review CSS & for different themes to avoid duplication
    293  * Ensure that elements have consistent design & class/id tags and can easily be customized
    294   * Buttons
    295   * Tables
    296   * Popups
    297   * Fonts
    298   * Throbbers
    299  * Use class/id tags which is consistent with [ Bootstrap] / JQueryUI to support easy re-theming (Can copy bootstrap) from
    300  * Implement a new default theme
    301   * Re-implement some of the existing themes using the new default theme as a base
    302  * Implement an inline login form that appear inline the top right of the menu and doesn't require loading a new page (like for eg.
    304307== See Also ==