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    269269* Sync with online instance (auto-set up)
     271== OSM Importer UI ==
     272=== Current Status ===
     273* There is an import stylesheet for .osm files: static/xslt/import/osm.xsl
     274* This currently has hard-coded mappings between OSM admin levels & Sahana admin levels
     275 *
     276* There is an S3ImportPOI method to allow features to be extracted from either an uploaded .osm file or an OSM mirror:
     277 *
     278 * this is accessed from the 'Import from OpenStreetMap menu option in /eden/gis
     280=== Enhancements Needed ===
     2815 separable Tasks here:
     2821. We need to add the Sahana UUID to these features in the OSM database.
     283 * This is needed so that we can do deduplication on subsequent imports (the OSM ID is insufficient for this as it can change over time)
     284 * This means we need to read the OSM credentials (currently a deployment_setting in & do a REST API call to the main OSM database with the modified feature(s)
     2852. Move the OSM credentials from a global deployment_setting to a per-user setting (component resource of db.auth_user)
     2862. We would like to be able to control which features are imported from this UI (currently this is a deployment_setting in [000_] - that should become the list of avaialble options rather than the absolute list)
     2873. We would like to be able to download features for a Location from main OSM database
     288 * We want to use the Polygon (falling-back to BBOX (min_lat, max_lon, etc)) to trigger a download of a suitably-filtered .osm file via the [ Overpass API]
     2894. We would like to be able to download features for a Polygon
     290 * Provide a map window with a Polygon selector tool which then triggers a download of a suitably-filtered .osm file via the [ Overpass API]
    271292== [wiki:Projects/Advanced/Timeline Timeline] ==
    272293== [wiki:Projects/Advanced/Usability Usability] ==
    291312'''Reevaluate: ''' Use an API to add and strip the EDXL-DE to any EDXL data standard. Use the same set of XML files to run through this process
     314== Map elements between EDXL-SITREP and EDXL-RM ==
     315Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
     316'''Specific    : ''' There are several elements within the [ | EDXL-SITREP] data standard that are identical to that of [ | EDXL-RM]. The objective is to create a descriptive table of those elements that a programmer can use to develop a set of procedures to strip the RM data from SITREP to manage records in the relational database [[BR]]
     317'''Measurable  : ''' Requires diligently investigating each and every data element then comparing them with the two data standards SITREP and RM. Requires knowledge of data types and XML. If not, this exercise will help the student learn about XML and data standards [[BR]]
     318'''Attainable  : ''' [[BR]]
     319Step 1 :: Go through EDXL-RM and EDXL-SITREP documentations [[BR]]
     320Step 2 :: create example files to get an understanding of the data and structure [[BR]]
     321Step 3 :: develop the table with RM and SITREP elements with a description [[BR]]
     322Step 4 :: develop a simple XSL file to strip the RM data from SITREP [[BR]]
     323'''Relevant    : ''' Applies to Sahana interoperability policy. Given that Eden does support resource and incident management, it is important to derive the response resources and resource requirements from situational reports. This function would help automate some of those data extraction functions. That requires integrating the SITREP and RM components with underlying Eden schema [[BR]]
     324'''Time-bound  : ''' The exercise of understanding the data standards and mapping the elements should not take more than one week. developing a XSL to test the mapping may take another week, depending on the level of expertise with XML. (NB this is far too large a task for GCI. -- Pat)[[BR]]
     325'''Evaluate    : ''' The mapping table is the determining output. However, the example RM and SITREP files are also required. [[BR]]
     326'''Reevaluate  : ''' If the XSL transformation is developed, then the mapping can be tested with the sample RM and SITREP files [[BR]]
    293328== Other Ideas ==
    294329To be elaborated on later: