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Problem Statement

Sahana Eden should be easy to use out of the box, accessible to new users and quick to configure in preparation for or response to a disaster. Sahana Eden is currently difficult to use unless customized to a specific context. DSO aims to identify and document the common requirements for different types of users, which Sahana will implement, so that users can deploy and customize the software in an easier manner.


DSO will deliver requirements for Sahana Eden feature sets based on personas, scenarios, and user stories. Each deliverable will be validated through the Sahana community and documented on the Sahana Eden Wiki.

The time scope of the project is the Stanford Winter and Spring Quarters in 2015.

Feature Set / User



Ad on Options:

Data Sources

Currently there is data (predominantly Location Hierarchy/Boundaries atm) available to load into Sahana instances here:

This works well for anyone comfortable with system administration using the command line, however it is currently inaccessible to users who don't feel comfortable in that environment.

Configurations / Deployment Process

(To get feedback)

Out of Scope

1) Code/HTML
2) Data mining
3) Data organization
4) Data presentation
5) Baseline data repository
6) Turnkey templates

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