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    7171Ideally we're looking for:
    72 * A new 'base' theme which has neutral styling & can be easily built upon for branding
     72* A new 'base' theme that could be adapted for use by various organizations, and easily built upon foe branding.
     73  (That is, organizations will have different branding elements -- logos, color schemes, fonts, etc. -- so it
     74  would be good to have a theme that looks good with many sets of branding elements and where colors, backgrounds,
     75  etc. could be easily changed.)
    7376 * This should be responsive (e.g. using Twitter Bootstrap as several of our newer themes do)
    7477* A new 'default' theme which builds upon the base theme with Sahana branding
    7780The design of Sahana Eden could be enhanced greatly with everything from a better colour scheme (for example, the grey menu blends into the browser which is confusing) to making more efficient use of space.  If you're more of a web designer than programmer, your input is greatly needed. If you could come up with static designs for the following pages, or programmers can do their thing and make Sahana Eden beautiful. If you can design and program, even better!
     82Try producing designs for these pages -- they cover the main page types in Eden:
    7884 * Home Page -
    7985  * []
    8692 * Component View -
    8793  * []
    8895Please share the image files and the original design files (preferably an open standard)
    90  * Review CSS & for different themes to avoid duplication
     97 * Review CSS & for different themes to avoid duplication -- try for something unique.
    9198 * Ensure that elements have consistent design & class/id tags and can easily be customized
    9299  * Buttons