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    8989=== Developing a new theme ===
    91 Some suggestions:
    92 * Think about the purpose for the site for which you're developing a theme.
     91Think about the purpose for the site for which you're developing a theme.
    9392 * Is it for the public? or for internal use by an organization?
    9493 * Will it be used mainly by people using it for the first time, or infrequently, or by people who will have training or use it frequently?
    9594 * What will be the common operations users need to do?
     95This distinction might affect what appears in navigation elements -- will users need help and information about the site? or will they need tools to get their work done?  It might affect how much decoration and color is used.
     97The design of the Eden homepage is more controlled by the template than the theme, but it is worth considering as it will be sharing the same CSS that goes with the theme, and may share some or all navigation elements with inside pages. So the layout and contents of the homepage might be taken into account.
     98For instance, a site for internal use may not need a homepage with images and videos that introduce users to the purpose of the site.
     99Instead, users of an internal site might want a practical page, that gives them quick access to tasks they need to do.
     101The implementation of a theme typically provides CSS and media, but may also include some HTML and JS, as needed.
    97103Try producing a design for each of these pages -- they cover the main page types in Eden: