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    147147=== For GCI ===
     149For this task, you do not need to make a theme that can be used directly in Eden (though you certainly can if you want, and if you already have an Eden development environment, this is certainly an option to consider).  Rather, you can make a few pages representing a mock web site, to show how you want your site to appear.  The pages should have functioning widgets (e.g. menus, buttons, popups), though they don't have to submit forms or open other pages.  Try to control the appearance mainly through CSS rather than hard-coding it into the HTML.
     151Please read the rest of the information in [#DesignaSahanaEdenTheme Design a Sahana Eden Theme], but keep in mind that it is written for designing an actual set of theme files for use in Eden, not a mockup, so will include things not needed here.
     153The examples and demo sites give an idea of what types of data and operations there are -- please feel free to ignore the way they look, where their menus are, etc., and invent your own look and feel.
     155What to do for this task:
     157Make three pages of different types, one each from the three sets of options that follow.  See the list of page types in the [#Developinganewtheme Developing a new theme] section, which points to examples of each kind of page.
     159* Either a ''homepage'', or a ''dashboard'' for some type of resource, e.g. projects, or people, or organizations, or...
     160* A page that shows information for a single resource, such as one project or one organization. Examples of such pages are the ''component view'' pages or the ''profile'' pages, but you can invent another way to show the information.
     161* Any other type of page, e.g. a ''create form'' or ''list view''.
     163You don't need to include a lot of fake data.  For instance, if you make a list view, there's no need to have more than two rows.  If you make a component view that has tabs, you don't need a lot of tabs.  Just include enough to show the layout you want.
    148166=== Examples ===