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    151151Please share your theme code files and any images they need. If you have mockups or anything you'd like to point out about your theme, please include that too.
     153=== Theme examples ===
     155The [ demo server] is using the default theme -- please feel free to make something that looks
     156nothing like it.
     158Have a look at these sites using Sahana Eden -- you'll see they have very different designs (all are test sites so you can enter test data, if useful, though not all allow full privileges):
     159* Community Resilience Mapping:
     160* Disaster Risk Management:
     161* Disaster Risk Reduction Projects:
     162* Donation & Volunteer Management:
     163* Philippines request Management & Facility Status:
     164* Resource Management for IFRC (login required to get beyond frontpage):
     166This shows a theme that was previously made for this design task. It is an example of what types of files you may need to include -- that is, the actual CSS files and images for the theme, view files, layout file, plus example HTML files and anything you need for fake contents.
     167Please put the design itself entirely out of mind, and Do It Your Way!
     170Here are the current theme files. (If you have an Eden developer environment installed, you can try them out by editing your {{{models/}}} file and setting {{{settings.base.theme}}} to the name of a theme there (same as the name of the directory).)
     172Among those, these themes use Bootstrap.js:
     173* DRMP
     174* Philippines
     175Almost all use jQueryUI.
    153177=== For GCI ===