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    1 = ESTG =
    2 [ ESTG] have 3rd year CS students working full time (32hrs/week) for 6 months (so 832 hrs total) on projects in teams of 3+. They need these projects to pass their exams & cannot work on commercial projects.
     1= ESTG Summer of Code =
     3[ ESTG] have 15-25 1st year CS students (in teams, where-appropriate) working full time from 23 June to 15 September (350 hrs total) on projects. They need these projects to pass their exams & cannot work on commercial projects. They have currently got experience in C, PHP, Java, HTML5 and JavaScript. They have 5 teachers available as supervisors and the students will be working from the labs where they have workstations, whiteboards, etc. 2 of the teachers have experience of Python/Web2Py.
    4 An 18-month project has been started to have Eden manage all the incidents within the limits of the [ Peneda-Gerês National Park]. This has a core team of 10 students, 2 teachers & Antonio throughout the period.
     5The first week will be spent on getting their developer environments set up, going through the exercises in the Book, practising with Git & familiarising themselves with both the Domain & the Tools (IRC, Wiki).
     6* [wiki:People/Antonio Antonio] will ensure they submit their CLAs
    6 This project is separated into three phases, with the goal of having Eden have all the info related to usage of the land, natural resources, infrastructure, demographic data, area mapping, hazardous, administrative land organization plans stored in one system that will be standard for all emergency services and local govt. Keep in storage the burned area, what plant species where afected, was there watter contamination, or possible future contamination, environmental impact, means applied, and so on
     8Students should only take projects from the list which have an assigned Code Mentor, who will review & merge their work into Trunk.
     9* the domain mentor for these projects is optional
    8 The goal is to have a better management of the area, to plan for emergencies, and have a more effective managment of all the resources, in order to prevent wild land fires, and have a better response in case of emergency.
     11Domain Mentors may add projects to the list whilst trying to find someone who can act as a code mentor.
    10 This project is supported by the [Deployments/Bombeiros Bombeiros]
     13Mentors need to rank the students on their work in this spreadsheet (only mentors allowed access to this sheet):
     16== Projects ==
     17||= Project URL =||= Domain Mentor =||= Code Mentor =||= Student(s) =||
     18|| [wiki:BluePrintGISImageLayers Image Layers on Map] || n/a || [wiki:People/Fran Fran] ||  ||
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     26== See Also ==
     27* ESTG are also hosting the team working on the [Deployments/PenedaGeres Peneda-Gerês National Park] deployment.