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    1 = Tasks =
    2 [[TOC]]
    4 These are quick tasks suitable for GCI or Hackathons.
    6 For other tasks, see:
    7 * [wiki:Contribute/Code]
    9 == Easy Tasks ==
    10 ''Tasks for beginning coders, or if new to Python or web services''
    12 === Action !ToDos in code ===
    13 NOTE: The line reference may no longer be correct, so the code for {{{@ToDo}}} or the variable names, e.g.:
    14 * Migrate represents to S3Represent
    15  * project_assignee_represent (, for an example see: project_TaskRepresent ( or search for other uses of S3Represent.
    16 * Migrate custom methods to use settings.get_ui_formstyle()
    17  * S3ImportPoI (
    18 * Extend S3AddPersonWidget2 to have an option to enter names into 2-3 different fields instead of a single field
    19  *
    20  *
    21 * Complete S3UpdateLocation()
    22  *
    23  * e.g. with the event_resource model:
    24 * For all {{@ToDo}}}s see:
    25 === Fix a Ticket ===
    26 Pick a ticket (which could be a bug or an enhancement) from First ensure that you can repeat this in your local instance - if not: MODIFY TICKET > resolve as > worksforme. If the bug is still present, assign the ticket to yourself. Then fix the bug or implement the feature. Submit your code as a patch to the ticket on Trac, then notify the Sahana-Eden mailing list about your patch for verification. Please submit as a patch file, not zipped. That makes it easier to review without downloading and unzipping. Alternatively (preferred method) push your code in a single commit to your Github repository and make a pull request.
    28 Easy tickets to get started on are listed here:
    30 There are also a number of tasks for the [wiki:Deployments/Philippines/Haiyan Hilippines Haiyan Response] listed here: which can be completed (these can count towards GCI).
    32 When you are working on the ticket as a part of GCI task, first add a keyword to the ticket "GCI TASK". If you unclaim the task or want to work on another ticket please remove the keyword.
    34 === Resolve an issue from a Disaster Response ===
    35 During disasters the Sahana Community does a lot of work to deploy Sahana to help affected communities. Often there is more work than can be completed - but you can help to address some of these issues before the next disaster:
    36 * [ Typhoon Haiyan]
    38 === Common Operational Datasets ===
    39 * Purpose and schemas for common datasets (schemas are at end):
    40 * Add model definitions for these schemas. This work was started but is not included in the current version of Eden. An example from an old version is here: [ models/]
    41 * Think about how we could make use of them.
    42  * Display on the Map?
    43  * Have Reports which compare the baseline & situational assessments?
    45 === GIS/Mapping [multiple tasks] ===
    46 These are various GIS/Mapping Tasks:
    47 * [=#FeaturePopupWindow]'''Make the display_feature() & display_features() popup a Window''' instead of opening in a DIV
    48  * This was working in FF before:
    49 * [=#LayerTree]'''[ Layer Tree]'''
    50 * [=#MapPreview]'''Map Preview when !Lat/Lon set in pr/person/presence''' (auto or not)
    52 [DeveloperGuidelines/GIS Use the Mapping API to:]
    53 * [=#ColorCodedMaps]'''Color coded maps according to Geo-data''' (threats, needs, etc)
    54 * [=#VariableSizedMarkers]'''Place variable sized markers on the map in proportion to data''' (number of people in camp, number of families needing food)
    56 === !Lat/Lon converter [GCI] ===
    57 Portuguese Volunteer Firefighters ([Deployments/Portugal/Bombeiros Bombeiros]) use Eden.
    59 They get given !Lat/Lon coordinates in degrees minutes seconds, but Eden stores internally as decimal degrees.
    61 Tasks:
    62 * Create a validator (& possibly widget) to allow entry of this format (allowing for variations in input format like spaces and absence of the degree symbol, which most keyboards don't have) & have it converted to decimal degrees for storage
    64 === Scale Uploaded Images [GCI] ===
    65 When images are uploaded we can limit the size, however larger pictures should be scaled instead. Example: personal profile picture.
    67 * [GCI task, #1017] UI to to allow user to crop image (this would be a widget: {{{modules/s3/}}})
    68  * Ideally the image would be resized client-side to make it faster to upload...this might be hard with pure JS, so would need to be Flash?
    69  * Maybe: (e.g. from )
     1See: Contribute/Code