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    142142The optional '''rheader''' argument helps you to display some information about the primary resource record in the view while operating on a component (e.g. the person's name and ID, when displaying a list of available images for this person). You may pass static content, or a function or lambda to produce content, which will be forwarded as ''rheader'' variable to the view.
     144The "sticky" tag is to specify whether a create/update form of a primary record (=not a component) automatically returns to the list view or not:
     145  - If rheader is specified, it is assumed True, i.e. the create/update form of the primary record will not return to the list view unless the user clicks on the "List All" button or selects that from the menu. You can override this behavior by setting sticky=False, in which case no rheader (and no tabs) will be rendered in the views of the primary record
     146  - If no rheader is specified, sticky will be assumed False unless you specify otherwise, hence the create/update forms will return to the list view. An rheader will not be rendered anyway (since not specified).
    144148If you pass a function or lambda as rheader, then it has to take 5 arguments:
    145149  - '''resource''' = name of the primary resource