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S3ResourceFilter is a class representing the DAL queries and Python filters to select the records for a resource.


S3ResourceFilters are a part of S3Resources:

They contain the queries and filters to extract the data from the database.

At the time an S3Resource gets defined, a S3ResourceFilter is automatically added to it. This default filter (so called "master query") covers:

  • available records (i.e. not deleted)
  • accessible records (i.e. access permitted)
  • selected records by record ID and/or UID
  • joined records (e.g. components)

It is possible to extend this filter during the request:

  • by a URL query
  • by the S3Resource.add_filter() method

S3ResourceFilters can filter for both real fields in the database table as well as virtual (computed) fields.


S3ResourceFilters consist of a hierarchical set of web2py Query and S3ResourceQuery objects, where:

  • Query instances represent the DAL queries ("query")
  • S3ResourceQuery instances represent virtual field filters ("vfltr")

The process for the extraction of rows from the database is as follows:

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