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    289289==== resource ====
    290290||'''Parent elements'''||[#s3xml s3xml], [#resource resource], [#reference reference]||
    291 ||'''Child elements'''||[#resource resource]||
     291||'''Child elements'''||[#resource resource], [#data data], [#field field]||
    299299||'''uuid'''||string||a unique identifier for the record||''no''*||
    300300||'''tuid'''||string||a temporary unique identifier for the record||''no''*||
     301||'''created_on'''||datetime**||date and time when the record was created||''no''||
     302||'''modified_on'''||datetime**||date and time when the record was last updated||''no, default: request date/time''***||
     303||'''created_by'''||string||username (email-address) of the user who created the record||''no''||
     304||'''modified_by'''||string||username (email-address) of the user who last updated the record||''no''||
     305||'''mci'''||integer||master-copy-index****||''no, default: 2''***||
    302307(*) Records will be identified within the input file by their {{{uuid}}}, or, if no {{{uuid}}} is specified, by their {{{tuid}}}.
     308(**) as YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ, always UTC
     309(***) the last update date/time and mci are required in synchronization
     310(****) the master copy index specifies how often a record has been copied across sites, see below
    304312The {{{uuid}}} will be stored in the database together with the record. If {{{uuid}}} is present and matches an existing record in the database, then this record will be updated. If there's no match or no {{{uuid}}} specified in the {{{resource}}} element, then the importer will create a new record in the database (and automatically generate a {{{uuid}}} if required).
     314The {{{mci}}} - master-copy-index - indicates how often this record has been copied across sites:
     316  - when importing a new record the {{{mci}}} value is always *imported* as-is from the source
     317  - when updating a record, the {{{mci}}} of the database record remains unchanged
     318  - the {{{mci}}} of a record is *exported* as its current database value + 1.
     319  - the repository first creating a record sets mci=0 in the database record, which appears as mci=1 in the exported XML.
     320  - a copying site then imports mci=1 into its database, which appears as mci=2 in its export XML, and so forth...
     322The {{{mci}}} can be used to filter records for whether they have been originated at a repository or not. If there's a fixed set of synchronization paths between a number of S3 instances, the {{{mci}}} can be used for conflict resolution. If the {{{mci}}} is not specified, it defaults to 2.
     324MCI handling is optional for non-synchronizing interfaces.
    306325==== data ====
    307326||'''Parent elements'''||[#resource resource]||