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SahanaCamp 1.2 Vietnam

2nd – 5th November 2010
IBM Office,
Hanoi, Vietnam



Schedule, Slides & Handouts

General Sessions

General Session Hand Outs

Day 1 - November 2nd

Introduction to Disaster Management Michael Howden1 hour General Session Hand Outs
Information Management for Disaster Management Michael Howden1 hour General Session Hand Outs
Introduction to Sahana Michael Howden1 hour Sahana Eden - Introduction and Simulation A
Sahana: Simulation A Michael Howden2 hours Sahana Eden - Introduction and Simulation A
OpenStreetMap: Sahana Mapping Client Fran Boon1 hour OpenStreetMap - Sahana Mapping Client

Day 2 - November 3rd

Implementing Information Management SystemsMichael Howden45 min Implementing IT Solutions for Disaster Management
Participatory ProgrammingMichael Howden45 mins Participatory Programming
Sahana: Case StudiesFran Boon1 hour Sahana - Case Studies
Sahana: Simulation BMichael Howden2 hours Instructions, Incidents, Assessments
Information Management System Project Planning Michael Howden1 hour Group Work

Technical Sessions

Day 3 - November 4th

Deployment: Setting up a Production InstanceFran Boon3 hours Sahana Eden - Deployment
Installing a Development EnvironmentFran Boon30 min Sahana Eden - Developer Environment (VM)
Bazaar & LaunchPad: Sharing Your Work with OthersFran Boon1.30 hours BZR & LaunchPad - Sharing Your Work with Others
OpenStreetMap: TechnicalFran Boon1 hour OpenStreetMap - Technical

Day 4 - November 5th

Sahana Eden: Introduction to the CodeFran Boon3 hours Sahana Eden - Introduction to the Code
Sahana Eden: LocalisationFran Boon1 hour Sahana Eden - Localisation
Sahana Eden: Bug ReportingMichael Howden1 hour Sahana Eden - Bug Reporting

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