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     1= Creating a Screen Cast Video =
     3Screen Casts are really important because they serve as tremendous forms of video tutorials for different features of Sahana-Eden and some times in other capacities.
     5== Making a Screen Cast ==
     7Some Important things to be kept in mind while making a Screen Cast -
     9* Have a clear diction.
     10* Your video should have the brevity required to not lose the attention of the user and at the same time it should cover every important aspect of the chapter.
     11* The Screen Cast videos should be uploaded on with the video's name in the format -> Sahana Eden - <Screencast type/name> - Date
     13The Screen Cast can be made by using any of the software available on the internet. Some common softwares are - Desktop Recorder/recordMyDesktop, XVidCap, Istanbul, Cam Studio. It is recommended that the videos can be of 5-10 minutes depending upon the size of content and the amount of brevity you can bring without compromising on the content. Every step needs to be documented, so that if someone else who is completely new to Sahana-Eden or for that matter to Web2py or a newcomer in any respect should easily pick it up from your Screen Cast, so they should be easy to comprehend.
     15== Using Vimeo to upload videos ==
     17To upload a video on Vimeo , you should have an account on If you don't have one, sign up immediately. As soon as you sign up/sign in for it, you will be able to Upload the videos by pressing a button to upload videos present on your homepage. It would take some time depending upon the length and quality of the video. You will receive an email when the video is available online which will also have the video's URL.