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Status Meeting Notes - 20 January 2010

Attending: mprutsalis, flavour, bitner, chamindra, lifeeth


  • Rest:: everyone should get minimum 6 hours per night. Suggest midnight to 6 am or 1 am to 7 am local – we have good round the globe coverage with flavour & nursix in Europe, mprutsalis & bitner in US, timclicks & gavin_t in NZ, chamindra & lifeeth in Sri Lanka/India. We will coordinate handovers and try not to work through the night locally.
  • RMS: highest priority application. We have good feeds coming in from Ushahidi (4636 shortcode SMS messages) and twitter (Tweak the Tweet). Next steps are ticketing/tracing and reporting on unfulfilled vs. fulfilled requests, getting aid agencies to use, filtering actionable messages, pushing data back to Ushahidi. Assignments:
    • Nicolas Preston (nicopresto) has lead on tech dev.
    • gavin_t & nicopresto & bitner to liaise with Ushahidi in sms logistics skype chat.
    • mprutsalis has lead on outreach to OCHA, USG, Interaction.
  • Release Management: see ReleaseManagement
  • Org Registry: also a high priority - we are still struggling to get data in from OCHA PaP from almost 2 days ago (entry taking place now). Assignments: lifeeth looking at csv import issues so can create repeatable process
  • GIS: bitner to update on priorities and next steps when available
  • Migration of we are migrating to a hosted site on godaddy as Starting with mirroring, we will then migrate to make the primary site for the foundation and wiki and transfer DNS control to godaddy. Assignments: Dan Zubey (dzubey) & chamindra have lead supported by mprutsalis.
  • Validating Users: given personal data contained in RMS feeds and sensitive contact data contained in OR and PR, we need to revalidate all registered users on the production site to ensure that they are from an organization or otherwise should have access to this data. New requests for accounts should not be automatically approved without personal screening if e-mail domains are doubtful (i.e. gmail accounts vs. which is obvious). Assignments: mprutsalis to lead; will ask timclicks for assistance.
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