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Release Process

OpenBSD Release Process is good for us to learn from:

When making a Stable Branch from which to build releases, we need to do these tasks:

Check that all works with a released version of Web2Py

Ensure included files sane:

  • VERSION (updated automatically by Bzr start-commit hook)

Compress JS & CSS files

Browsers default to only downloading 2 files from the same origin at a time, so many files is very slow on high latency links.
We therefore consolidate into fewer, larger files when running in Production mode.

Since GIS is a specialised app which requires many files, it's JS & CSS are loaded separately when required.

The build script is static/scripts/tools/
There is also a convenience wrapper for Windows to run this & also move results into their respective locations: static/scripts/tools/build.cmd

NB sahana.css is built from template.css so that Themes can be updated dynamically from the WebUI

Need to remove the '@' from '@requires' in header of /static/S3/jquery.form.js as we need to compress this without the main file.

Our build process is based on the one used by MapFish (which is built on the one used by OpenLayers)

ToDo: Investigate using other options instead:

Clear Database

To clear database of test data & reset to defaults:

  • Close Web2Py
  • Delete all files from /databases

NB This assumes that all required settings are being generated upon intialisation as per the Framework

Export Application

Upload to LaunchPad

Update Wiki InstallationGuide

Update Demo


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