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Release Process

When making a Stable Branch from which to build releases, we need to do these tasks:

Check that all works with a released version of Web2Py

Ensure included files sane:

  • VERSION (updated automatically by Bzr start-commit hook)

Clear Database

To clear database of test data & reset to defaults:

  • Close Web2Py
  • Delete all files from /databases

NB This assumes that all required settings are being generated upon intialisation as per the Framework

Export Application

This could be scripted:

cd /home/web2py
# @ToDo: Clean
# Compile
python -S eden -M -R applications/eden/static/scripts/tools/
# @ToDo: Catch errors
# @ToDo: Pack
# @ToDo: Download with filename

Upload to LaunchPad

Update Wiki InstallationGuide

Update Demo

  • Update Web2Py (if necessary)
    cd /home/web2py/applications/eden
    bzr pull -r xxx

Alternate approach:



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