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Document the JS/CSS build process

Release Process

When making a Stable Branch from which to build releases, we need to do these tasks:

Check that all works with a released version of Web2Py

Ensure included files sane:


Compress JS & CSS files

Browsers default to only downloading 2 files from the same origin at a time, so many files is very slow on high latency links.
We therefore consolidate into fewer, larger files when running in Production mode.

Since GIS is a specialised app which requires many files, it's JS & CSS are loaded separately when required.

The build script is static/scripts/tools/
There is also a convenience wrapper for Windows to run this & also move results into their respective locations: static/scripts/tools/build.cmd

Our build process is based on the one used by MapFish (which is built on the one used by OpenLayers)

Export Application

Upload to LaunchPad

Update Wiki InstallationGuide

Update Demo


Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.