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    100100If there's hospital module in Agasti, status type 6 should associate with a chosen hospital.
     102Note by Dominic:
     104  There are no "missing persons" in Eden, but just "persons", and neither "missing" nor "found" actually define a status of a person, but both are handled as "events" on a trail.
     106  The fact that someone is missing a person is gathered by a "missing report", which is basically a search request indicating that someone is seeking information about a person. The submission of a missing report is also recorded as a "missing" event, regardless of whether the person is currently missing or found.
     108  The fact that a person has been "found" is likewise an event report about the respective person covering the where, when and condition (temporary or permanent stay, known or unknown current/next location) of the "find", and this is as well independent of whether the person is missing or not.
     110  Both "missing" as well as "found" events are recorded by the same type of event report called "presence", which forms an observation trail over time.
     112  All "presence" records contain a location, time and description of the respective event, differentiated into:
     114  Presence condition:
     116        1) missing
     117        2) deceased
     118        3) seen at a location
     119        4) placed at a location
     121  Health status (not implemented yet, but planned):
     123        1) well-being
     124        2) injured
     125        3) ill
     126        4) unknown
     128  Procedure (free text up to now), e.g.:
     130        1) treatment in hospital
     131        2) accomodation in IDP camp
     132        3) evacuation from a region
     134  The missing "status" as you understand it is actually the answer to the following question:
     136  Is there any "found" event after the time the "missing" report has been submitted, and if yes, has the person who has submitted the "missing" report been notified about that?
     138  But "presence" can document/answer more questions beyond "missing", e.g.:
     140    a) procedure status
     141    b) placement in shelters (currently being implemented)
     142    c) checkpoints in evacuation
     143    d) tracking/tracing of staff and volunteers
     145  etc.
     147  "Presence" is, btw, not limited to persons, but as well used for
     149  - groups
     150  - organisations/offices
     151  - dead bodies
     152  - personal effects
     153  - vehicles and other property items