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Sahana Taiwan are customising & deploying an instance of Sahana Eden.

Initially this is to complement their Sahana Agasti deployment.

The proposal is for this to replace Agasti completely next year.

NCDR (National Science & Technology Center for Disaster Reduction) have a high tech EOC based around ESRI's ArcGIS. However, they are unable to get the data to local governments easily due to licensing costs, so a combination of GeoServer & Eden could help fill this niche. They are also interested in Sahana being able to feed their EOC with crowd-sourced data such as from SMS & Twitter.

Coordination is being dfone using this group:

There is a demo site up at:

Enhancements that the Sahana Taiwan team are interested in:

New Home Page

  • Provide a summarized page for info overview and status updating (frequency configurable)
  • Allow unauthenticated users to 'Report Incident' (Missing Person, Request Help or Incident) or 'Offer Help' (Volunteer or Pledge Resources)
  • provide top-level stats about # resources registered in system
  • Map overview


Configured to use & Google layers

Want to be able to overlay data from Agasti onto the Eden Map:

  • Shelters

There is an Agasti stylesheet under-development: static/xslt/import/agasti.xsl

  • This could be used to import records on a scheduled basis

Locations Selector

  • Use Taiwan's 4 levels of hierarchy (In-Trunk - just needs localising)
  • Show the dropdowns & populate the lower dropdown when then the one above is selected (detect dropdown change using jQuery & collect new results using AJAX) (In-Trunk, still needs more tweaking)
    • views/gis/location_autocomplete.js
    • see if the different levels can be precached to a store to minimise user waiting?
  • Context-sensitive filtering of dropdown (or Autocomplete) to the appropriate level
    db.gis_location.requires = IS_ONE_OF(db.gis_location,, filterby="level", filteropts="L4")
  • Only allow Admins to edit the L0->L3 levels (In-Trunk)
  • Fix #450 (Prevent an L2 being added as parent of L3, etc)
  • Local Geocoder service to allow users to enter street address
    • Add Geocoder to modules/
    • Provide a widget within locations picker to call this function
  • Select from Map (In-Trunk)


  • A local SMS Gateway is working with the system.
  • This has been tested with Big5 encoding.


  • Want to be able to have users login once to access resources on both systems.
    • OpenID support has been added to Web2Py/Eden
    • Rewrite Agasti to access Eden user table? auth_user
      • Better to hack the legacy Agasti rather then the end-goal Eden


  • TaiwanAuthorisation
  • Want defined Roles to be active on both systems
    • Memberships should only be defined once
      • Rewrite Agasti to access Eden membership table? auth_membership
        • Better to hack the legacy Agasti rather then the end-goal Eden
  • Need support for the 'Shelter Administrator' role


Translation into Chinese is underway


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