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Taiwan Authorisation

Requirement about Access Control in Eden

By Hsiaojan Liu

  1. Briefing
    1. Access control is able to create and edit
    2. Read/write and read only should be separate for each role to each module.
    3. For registry users, default access is limited since registry is open to public.
    4. Each role is separate and independent. Each user is open to give multiple roles.
    5. There are 3 types of confidentiality level for map. Each level is an independent module for role setting.
    6. Special access control for “fulfill the request”
  2. Requirement – Create and edit role
    1. Admin users are able to create role
    2. Steps for role creation, all are required
      1. Click “create a role” button
      2. Name the role. Return error message for existing role name.
      3. Check the access for modules by checking the access level, see 2.3.3



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