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Application Code Lead People

The following people are leading the development for these applications. If you require any assistance, please coordinate with them.

Application Team MemberIRC Nick
ORG - Organization RegistryMichael Howdenmichaelhowden
CR - Shelter RegistryPat Tresselptressel
HRM - Human Resource ManagementFran Boonflavour
Logs/Inventory/Supply - Logistics/Inventory/Supply ChainMichael Howdenmichaelhowden
IRS - Incident Reporting SystemFran Boonflavour
VITA - (Missing) Person Registry, DVIDominic Könignursix
HMS - Hospital Management SystemDominic Könignursix
Document LibraryMichael Howdenmichaelhowden
Project - Project TrackingMichael Howdenmichaelhowden
Assess - AssessmentsMichael Howdenmichaelhowden
SurveyRobby O'Connorrobbyoconnor
RMS - Request ManagementMichael Howdenmichaelhowden
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