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Sahana Eden Project Management Committee


The general guidelines for Project Management Committees (PMC) are laid out by the Sahana Software Foundation here. This pages provide more specific details for the Sahana Eden PMC.

The Sahana Eden PMC exists in order to nurture and develop for the Sahana Eden Community and help to provide focus and direction for the project. The PMC members are long term, on-going contributors to the Sahana Eden Project, although this does not give them any special privileges, just more responsibilities!

All communication of the Sahana Eden PMC will take place on the public list, unless:

  • We are negotiating a contract/grant/partnership with an organisation who would rather these negotiations are kept private.
  • We need to address human resources issue within the community (eg. toxic people causing problems). To deal with problems like this discretion is often best

Members of the PMC

  • Fran Boon (Chair)
  • Chamindra de Silva
  • Dominic Konig
  • Gavin Treadgold
  • Mark Prutsalis
  • Michael Howden
  • Pat Tressel
  • Praneeth Bodduluri


PMC members take responsibility for:

  • Sending out monthly status updates on what they are working on to the public mailing list prior to the Sahana Eden Community Meeting
  • Attend the Sahana Eden Community Meeting
  • Take responsibility for a component of the Sahana Eden Project
  • Be actively involved in community development events such Google Summer of Code, Google Code In, SahanaCamps, etc.
  • Provide support to users on IRC Chat/Mailing List.


The Sahana Eden Community strives to make decisions through consensus. If through open debate, a consensus cannot be reached, the members of the PMC will vote on a decision. This should be considered as a last resort only.

Becoming a PMC Member

The PMC always wants to include more people who are willing to share responsibilities. Any community members are welcome to take on any of the responsibilities of the PMC. When the PMC sees community memebers consistently taking these responsibility If this is done consistently and over a long term (at least 6 months), this community member will be invited to join the PMC.

Because we understand that people’s priorities change, but also value having an active and engaged PMC, if PMC members are not fulfilling their responsibilities then they will be asked to resign and re-join when they can fulfill their responsibilities.

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