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Test Cases, Coverage and Test Assignments

Currently Testing UAT version: r619 (2010-01-29 08:33:52)

Please ensure you have read the BugReportingGuidelines before starting to test

Test UAT bugs at:

Need to be complete with testing by wed feb 3 for release

Top priorities for bug testing right now:

  • Hospital Management System
  • Mapping functionality
  • Request Management

Apart from that look at which pages are being used the most by users for prioritization:

Test Process

UAT is a static version for testing before it gets uploaded to production. Please do the majority of your testing here

  1. Select an area that you will test in Test Coverage below and add your name to it. Pick a module that has not been covered by others.
  2. Test the UAT version by exploring the various navigation options and actions in the module
  3. Add you initials to the respective test case area below. If the action does not exist in the TestCases please add it as well.
  4. If you find a bug also check if this bug exists in the production version
    • if the bug exists in production mark the version of the bug as haiti-prod
    • if the bug does not exist in production mark the version as haiti-uat
  5. Check if the bug already exists in the bug tracker by searching for tickets or looking at report #9
  6. Refer to the BugReportingGuidelines to enter the new bug in trac:

Test Coverage

If you have tested a module or a section of a module, please add your initials below, so that we know you have covered it:

Hospitals (Priority)

Testers: Biyanga Amaraweera (BA), Trinity Students: Amelia Wattenberger (AW), Chris Andreozzi (CA), Liam Bryne (LB), Nicholas Cushing (NC), Nina Limardo (NL), David Rowe (DR), Dean Stratouly (DS), Patrick Swan (PS), Peter Chapin (PC), Connie White (CW), Linda Plotnick (LP) and Lawir Muhammed (LMM)

  • Hospital Management home page (RM)
  • Support Request (RM) (PS)
  • Pledge Support (RM)
  • List Hospitals (PC) (PS)
  • Search for a Hospital by Name (DR) (LMM)
  • Search for a Hospital by Any field in the form (LMM)
  • Search for a Hospital by Bed Type (PC)
  • Add Hospital (AW) (LB) (PS)
  • Edit Hospital (LM) (LMM)
  • Delete Hospital (LM)
  • View hospitals in Google Earth (PC) (DS)(CW)
  • Export hospital information as EDXL-HAVE
  • Export hospital information in Excel (not sure if its same as above) (LMM)
  • Status Report (CM)
  • Bed Capacity/Add New Record (LMM)
  • Services/Add New Services (LMM)
  • Services/Delete Service Profile (LMM)
  • Shortages/Add New Shortage
  • Contacts/Add New Contact
  • Clear Selection

Requests (Priority) Testers: Aushadi Samarasinghe (AS)

Homepage, Help and Registration Testers: ?

  • Login of new User -
  • Receipt of verification email -
  • Approval by admin -
  • About page -
  • Help page
  • Homepage information is clear

Mapping Testers: Damitha Ramanayake (DR)-, Hiran Samarawickrama (HS), Patrick Swan (PS)

  • Hospital Management System to Situation Map (PS)
  • Situation Map
    • Base Layers
    • - OpenStreetMap Haiti (CW)
    • - Port-au-Prince (CW)
    • - Haiti TML50 (CW)
    • - Digital Globe Imagry (CW)
    • - Google Terrain (CW)
    • - Google Hybrid (CW)
    • - Google Satellite (CW)
    • - OSM Mapnic (CW)
    • Overlays
    • - OSM Pol (CW)

Organizations Testers: Sameera De Silva (SS), Thushari Basnayaka (TB), Biyanka Thejani (BT), David Rowe (DR), Amelia Wattenberg (CW)

Christopher Andreozzi (CA), Patrick Swan (PS)

  • Organization Registry home page (AW) (CA) (PS)
  • Dashboard
  • Add Organization (PS)
  • Edit Organization
  • List Organizations (DR) (PS)
  • Add Office (PS)
  • Edit Office
  • List Offices
  • Delete Office
  • Add Contact (AW) (PS)
  • Edit Contact
  • List Contacts
  • Delete Contact
  • Add Project (CA) (PS)
  • Edit Project
  • List Projects
  • Delete Project
  • Add Service
  • Add Sector

People Testers: Senuwan Dasun Withana (SDW), Raveendra Dasanayake (RD)

  • Person Registry home page
  • Search for a Person
  • Add a Person
  • List Persons
  • Edit Person Details
  • Delete Person
  • Images/Add New Image
  • Identity/Add New Identity
  • Addresses/Add New Address
  • Contact Data
  • Presence Log/Add New Log Entry
  • View All on Map (According to Images, Identity, Addresses and Presence Log)
  • Clear Selection
  • Add a Group
  • List Groups
  • Edit Group

Victim Identification Testers: S. Suthashini (SS), Nuwan Kolinda (NK)

  • Body Find
    • New Report
    • List Reports
  • Body Recovery
    • New Report
    • List Reports
  • Select Body

Volunteers Testers: Manuja Galgamuwa (MG), Kasun Nanayakkara (KN), Ralph Morelli (RM)

  • Projects Add (RM)
  • Projects List (RM)
  • Persons Search
  • Persons Add
  • My Tasks

Shelters Testers: Chathurika Mahaarachchi (CM) -, Fasir M Fahmy (FMF)

Admin Testers: ??

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.