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Data Migration & Consistency

We want to be able to migrate data from Prod to Dev so that Testers / Documenters have real data to play with.

Easy as a 1-off:

/etc/init.d/apache2 stop
rm -rf /home/haiti/dev/databases
cp -ar /home/haiti/prod/databases /home/haiti/dev
/etc/init.d/apache2 start

Maintaining this should be possible via DataMigration#WebServices Web Services

Also want to be able to migrate from the current sqlite backend to MySQL

We often need to use this same tricks to deal with database consistency issues.


Beware DB locks!

  • Don't keep Web2Py shell open longer than necessary
  • Consider goign into Maintenance Mode on the Webserver & disabling the Web2Py cron in /etc/crontab
cd /home/haiti/web2py
python -S prod -M -N

Remove reference Tables from CSV file (don't want to import duplicates!)

NB Do CSV file edits in a text editor, not MS Excel (MS Excel makes the dumps unusable!)

NB Be careful of file permissions!

  • All files in the databases folder should be chown www-data:www-data
  • If the 1st run of the model happens in the Python shell, then they will be owned by root...
cd /home/haiti/web2py
python -S dev -M -N

Changing a Column type in Sqlite live

sqlite handles live migrations pretty well, e.g. changing from unique=True just requires migrate=True

However if there is existing data then a conversion from string to integer can cause problems. For a development system, the easiest solution is simply to remove all databases/* & restart, however this isn't possible for a live system:

vim /home/haiti/prod/models/
    migrate = True

cd /home/haiti/prod
bzr pull

cd /home/haiti/web2py
python -S prod -M

db( > 0).select().export_to_csv_file(open('orgs.csv','wb'))

python -S prod -M


/etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload

vim /home/haiti/prod/models/
    migrate = False

If the system is being heavily used, need to put up a holding page during this time to prevent data entry. For switching on maintenance.

cd /home/haiti

For switching off maintenance.

cd /home/haiti

Changing a set of Lookup Options live

We can easily amend the module_resource_opts = {} live in the code (usually models/ however we need to migrate existing data (after backing it up, of course):

cd /home/haiti/prod
bzr pull

cd /home/haiti/web2py
python -S prod -M

db( > 0).select().export_to_csv_file(open('orgs.csv','wb'))
db(db.or_organisation.type == 4).update(type='')
db(db.or_organisation.type == 5).update(type='')

/etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload

If the system is being heavily used, need to put up a holding page during this time to prevent data entry. For switching on maintenance.

cd /home/haiti

For switching off maintenance.

cd /home/haiti

Dealing with database corruption

  1. We had problems with the or_organisation table - queries wouldn't complete.

The tracebacks included: ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '01/14/10 1'

By commenting out each field in turn in the model, discovered that this was the timestamp column which included this data.

(Note the file was also chown root:root!)

To fix this we needed to:

  • Delete column from model
    vim /home/haiti/prod/models/
    resource = 'organisation'
    table = module + '_' + resource
    db.define_table(table, timestamp, deletion_status,
      # uuidstamp
  • Export as CSV
    cd /home/haiti/web2py
    python -S prod -M -N
  • Drop table
    cd /home/haiti/web2py
    python -S prod -M -N
  • Rebuild Table
  • Reimport from CSV
    cd /home/haiti/web2py
    python -S prod -M -N
  1. rms_sms_request table couldn't be recreated

Since this part of the system is under active development, it was necessary to drop the table as part of the release process.

  • Although normally we can re-populate the tables from their source feeds simply using:
    cd /home/haiti/web2py
    python -S prod -M -N
    feature_class_id = db( == 'SMS').select().first().id
    db(db.gis_location.feature_class_id == feature_class_id).delete()

However this didn't complete fully as there was still an associated view file in databases/ & hence when model tries to create:

  • SyntaxError: invalid table name: rms_sms_request

To resolve this:

  • Take site down (I did this the ugly way!)
    vim /etc/crontab
    /etc/init.d/apache2 stop
  • Backup all Data
    cd /home/haiti/prod
    mkdir databases2
    cp -ar databases/* databases2
    rm -rf databases
  • Copy data down locally to be able to analyse easily, export as CSV
    tar cvf prod_db.tar databases2
    gzip -9 prod_db.tar
    sz prod_db.tar.gz
  • Allow model to recreate databases (owned as www-data)
  • Restore Data
    • Edit CSV file using a text editor (not MS Excel!)
      • remove reference tables & intiial records which are created by models/ (NB This didn't seem to work properly on this occasion!)
    • Import CSV segments to see which parts work:
      cd /home/haiti/web2py
      python -S prod -M -N

Web Services

Better to avoid locks & do without SSH login


1) sqlite does seems to treat emails with different capitalizations as different entities. MySQL does not and can cause a problem during import if data is not clean.

2) SQLite doesn't support FOREIGN KEY constraints, neither does MySQL with MyISAM tables.

Migration plan

1) Put the site in read only mode -> Disable Login, Kill existing sessions
2) Export the CSV from web2py shell
3) Create a MyISAM database(say name = sahana) in mysql
4) Disable and
5) Switch the settings in to mysql and do a

python -S sahana -M -N

6) Drop the tweets and sms data and their corresponding GIS [ Check for any pledges ]

7) Split the data into the 5 csv's as follows(say db1.csv, db2.csv,..) - Deleting other tables.

TABLE auth_event
TABLE admin_theme
TABLE s3_audit
TABLE s3_setting
TABLE s3_source
TABLE appadmin_setting
TABLE pr_setting
TABLE pr_pentity
TABLE pr_person
TABLE pr_group
TABLE gis_setting
TABLE gis_marker
TABLE gis_projection
TABLE gis_symbology
TABLE gis_config
TABLE gis_feature_class
TABLE gis_symbology_to_feature_class
TABLE gis_location
TABLE gis_feature_group
TABLE gis_location_to_feature_group
TABLE gis_feature_class_to_feature_group
TABLE gis_apikey
TABLE gis_track
TABLE gis_layer_openstreetmap
TABLE gis_layer_google
TABLE gis_layer_yahoo
TABLE gis_layer_gpx
TABLE gis_layer_georss
TABLE gis_layer_kml
TABLE gis_layer_wms
TABLE gis_layer_tms
TABLE gis_layer_xyz
TABLE gis_layer_js
TABLE pr_contact
TABLE or_setting
TABLE or_sector
TABLE or_organisation
TABLE or_office
TABLE or_contact
TABLE or_project
TABLE or_activity
TABLE lms_setting
TABLE lms_catalog
TABLE rms_setting
TABLE admin_setting
TABLE budget_setting
TABLE cr_setting
TABLE dvi_setting
TABLE dvr_setting
TABLE hrm_setting
TABLE mobile_setting
TABLE mpr_setting
TABLE msg_setting
TABLE sync_setting
TABLE vol_setting

8) Remove duplicates in the auth_user ( only Linda* when I checked) and pr_person

9) Clean up gis_layer_js -> make multi lined records single lined

10) In or_organisation -> remove "Medecins du Monde France" entry as "Médecins du Monde France" is treated as the same in MySQL

11) Clean up multi lined records in or_organisation.

12) Test import - multilined entries give a "raise SyntaxError, 'invalid file format'

13) or_sector does not have entries 14,15,16 - which are in the database associated with some organisations - Fix them

14) Check that the site is completely functional.

15) Go to phpmyadmin and export the entire db as sql.

16) Replace all MyISAM lines in the sql with INNODB

17) Drop the datbase using phpmyadmin and import the previously created sql

18) Test everything once.

19) Switch this to production

Estimated time for migration: 1 hour


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