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This project was part of Sahana Eden Google Summer of Code

Currently not in trunk

Author: Robert O'Connor


  • Templates make up the survey then questions are added to the template.
  • The template is then added to a series.
  • The series is what you enter data for.

Creating a Survey

  • From the front page -- select "Survey Module"
  • Go the "Template" menu and select "Add"
  • Fill out all details.
  • Click "Next"
  • you can either: select questions that are in the system or click "Add Question" and the question will be added to the dropdown and selected for you.
  • Click "Save."

Creating a Series

  • Go to the "Series" menu and select "Add"
  • Fill out all details
  • click "Save"
  • Go the List page
  • click "Answer" to fill out the survey or "Results" to view results for that series.

Question Types

TypeRendered asExample
TextText FieldPerson's name
NumberText Field which disallows non-numeric answersNumber of persons affected
DateText Field with a date selector on focusDate of Assessment
Long TextText AreaBuilding Status

Outstanding Issues and/or bugs

  • Drop-down menu doesn't update when the first question is added to a template but does once you reload the page via "Add Question" popup.[happens sporadically]
  • Apparently it doesn't like questions that start with the letter "B"haven't been able to track it down yet
  • cannot re-order questions (yet!)
  • deleting questions is touch/go -- actually non-existent I think.. I don't remember.
  • adding more may or may not work.
  • No configuration exists at current -- but will in later versions of this project. Keep an eye on Post-GSoC branch
  • More question types are planned but work is necessary to support them.
  • Support for sections is something that would be great to have -- but not sure how to support this with CRUD forms...


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