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     1= Update Detection during Imports =
     3Data imports can do both - create new records in the database and update existing ones.
     5If Sahana Eden can identify an import item with an existing record, this record will be updated rather than a new record being created.
     7In order to identify the import item, Eden uses a cascade of rules:
     9  1. Identification by UUID
     10  2. Identification by other unique keys
     11  3. Identification by table-specific rules
     13== Identification by UUID ==
     15Every record in the Sahana Eden database has a UUID field (universally unique identifier), see [wiki:UUID]. If an import item contains a UUID and it matches an existing database record, this record will be updated rather than creating a new record.
     17== Identification by Other Unique Keys ==
     19Some database tables use additional unique keys, e.g. the "name" field in organisations. These keys can be used instead of UUIDs to indicate updates - however: if there is also a UUID present in the import item, then only the UUID will be used to identify the record to update.
     21== Table-Specific Identification Rules ==
     23For many database tables, Sahana Eden has additional table-specific rules to identify records in cases where the import item does not contain a UUID and no match can be found by unique keys.
     25=== Person Records ===
     27   - ''tbw''