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Workflow Guidelines for Receiving a Shipment From a Warehouse


This workflow is designed to walk you through the process of receiving a shipment that has been sent by another warehouse. First of all, this workflow assumes that you have already sent a shipment from one warehouse to another. If you have not, please go to and send a shipment.


  1. Start at the homepage and under the Response heading of the menu, click on the Received Shipments button.

Step 1 of Receiving Shipment

  1. On the next screen, you will see the shipment that you wish to recieve. Please click open on the left side to open the shipment.

Step 2 of Receiving Shipment

  1. You may wish to check contents of the shipment by clicking "Items." Otherwise, simply click "Receive Shipment."

Step 3 of Receiving Shipment

That's it! You have received a shipment.

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