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Workflow Guidelines for Receiving a Shipment From a Warehouse


This workflow is designed to walk you through the process of receiving a shipment that has been sent by another warehouse. First of all, this workflow assumes that you have already sent a shipment from one warehouse to another. If you have not, please go to and send a shipment.


1. Start at the homepage and under the Response heading of the menu, click on the Received Shipments button. Step 1 of Receiving Shipment
2. On the next screen, you will see the shipment that you wish to recieve. Please click open on the left side to open the shipment. Step 2 of Receiving Shipment
3. Click on the "Items" tab to review your shipment and items. Step 3 of Receiving Shipment
4. Verify the items in the shipment. If any items have been damaged during transit or you wish to mark where in the warehouse you will put the item, please click "Open" on that item Step 4 of Receiving Shipment
5. In the section marked "Quanitity Recieved", you can change the quantity of item you actually received. In addition, you can mark the "Add to Bin" section to record where in the warehouse the item will be. Hit save at the bottom to return to the previous screen. Step 5 of Receiving Shipment
6. Once everything is correct, hit the "Receive Shipment" button. Step 6 of Receiving Shipment

That's it! You have received a shipment.

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